I cozied up to the weighted blanket trend, and I am finally getting better sleep

Sweet dreams and a good night’s rest is even more possible since I’ve added a weighted blanket to my bedtime routine. Photo: Beauty for Breakfast

One year into motherhood, I would’ve never guess that I still hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. Nursing on demand, waking at all hours of the night to a hungry and growing baby… I sacrificed much-needed rest. And I’m still breastfeeding!

Sure, sure… I’ve heard it a million times: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” And, “A mother needs her rest in order to give her best.” Well, I barely, if at all, slept when my son did. There were dishes to wash, laundry to clean and showers for me to take before he’d alert me with a rising cry that he was up and ready to eat again. Not to mention, I work as a full-time Beauty Director.

But once he turned one and started to show signs of being “ready” to be sleep-trained, I hired a professional sleep consultant (shout out to Maria of Not a Peep) and within a month I was able to sleep through the night myself.

It wasn’t easy though. Because my body’s natural circadian rhythm was off from waking at random hours, I struggled with staying asleep. And oftentimes, found myself staring at the baby monitor to make sure JP was still sleeping and breathing.

But one of the things I can say has been worth the investment towards better sleep is a weighted blanket. Late to the trend, I was fortunate enough to have the creator behind Corala blanket gift me this bright home accessory.

The first night I used it, I woke up the next morning asking myself: “Why the heck did it take me so long to get a weighted blanket?” Filled with lead-free glass beads, it kept me cozy and calm all night long. If JP stirred in his sleep, I didn’t hear a thing because I was knocked out.

It’s been a few months now since adding this weighted blanket to my bedtime routine and I can definitely say it’s worth giving a try — whether you’re a sleep-deprived mother or someone who struggles with insomnia. Plus, I love the Living Coral hue and stitch design.

The set also includes two duvet options: a mink-like fabric that’s perfect for the cold-weather months and a cotton one that is ideal for spring and summer. I guess I’ll be laid up with my Corala blanket 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hey Beauties: Do you sleep or lounge with a weighted blanket? What helps you get a good night’s rest? Let’s share sleep tips! Leave a comment.


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