How to tie a headwrap in 3 simple, yet stylish ways

Throughout my natural hair journey, I’ve always worn headwraps. Since my pregnancy, they’ve become an extension of my personal style, mostly giving me a break from hairstyling or covering up postpartum hair loss.

With summer in full swing, I like to keep my head cool (literally and figuratively) with a headwrap.

I’m often asked by friends, “How do you get your headwrap like that?” So, I figure I show you exactly how I do it. Keep in mind there is no perfect way to tie a headwrap, and I believe that in itself makes this accessory even more fun. Take a few pointers from me and then make it all your own.⁣

Watch my headwrap tutorial video and let me know which style you like best — 1: Triple Twisted Knot, 2: Headband Woven Turban or 3: Off-Centered Topknot?⁣

Shop two of my favorite headwraps brands created by Black women. And click here to head over to Amazon to find more stylish and affordable headwraps.

The Wrap Life

Fanm Djanm

Hey Beauties, do you like wearing headwraps? Or have you struggled with learning how to tie a headwrap? Let’s discuss! Leave a comment.

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  1. Kaycia Sailsman
    September 18, 2020 / 4:57 am

    I love headwraps !! They are the perfect head accessory that helps me look presentable for my zoom meetings. 🙂

    • Dana
      September 19, 2020 / 5:30 pm

      One of my favorite things about headwraps, too! Thanks for reading, Kaycia.

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