How Rent the Runway has changed the game for me as a mom

Look at this coat! I’ve stepped up my fashion game and saved money with Rent the Runway. Photo: Mama Photog

When I was still commuting to NYC for work, I loved putting together my outfit of the day. But my financial priorities shifted quite dramatically when I became a mother. I no longer had the budget (or time) to shop as frequently. And any looks worth posting on the ‘Gram, would end up stained with breastmilk, oatmeal or fruit. Yayyy motherhood!

I had seen many fashion editors and influencers share their Rent the Runway #OOTD moments on social media. But I assumed membership was too pricey, inventory was limited and I wouldn’t get the full bang for my buck.

Well, let me tell you, beauties. Once I signed up for Rent the Runway, I pretty much didn’t look back! I won’t even bore you with a long blog post. (Full disclosure: I am a RTR Ambassador). Below are a few reasons why it’s changed the game for me, especially as a mom.

I get to refresh my wardrobe with designer brands for a fraction of the cost.

Fast-fashion is cool when you need basics like tees, socks and sweats. But I rather pack my closet with quality pieces that are made to last and go with my bold aesthetic. I’m someone who doesn’t shy away from vibrant hues, interesting patterns or unconventional textures. So I find that RTR offers a selection of brands that hit all of those points. Not to mention, I use my wardrobe as a teaching moment for my son to explore colors and objects.

I swap out pieces at least once a month if I’m bored or need something special in a hurry.

Currently there are two things that help me to decide what to select for my RTR items each month; and those are usually important Zoom meetings or photoshoots I have on the calendar. So I keep my eye out for unique sweaters or blouses, head-turning blazers and coats or gold jewelry. One of the best things about RTR is that if I change my mind, I can swap. With pre-paid FedEx shipping labels, it’s done and done. Having a drop-off location close by to my toddler’s school is also really convenient.

I don’t have to worry about laundry or dry-cleaning.

I’m in the thick of the potty training phase with my toddler, so laundry has become a bit tedious. The last thing I want to do is add more loads to the weekly schedule. Not having to deal with washing or drying any of these designer pieces is self-care. Like Fabulous rapped, “Just throw it in the bag,” and I let RTR handle that part.

I have access to exclusive sales and can buy what I really love at a discount.

I joined RTR was to curb my shopping habit and it’s helped me tremendously. But there have been a few instances where I fell in love with a piece so much that I couldn’t return it. I bought it for the low-low and wear it out. Because college savings plan trumps everything at the moment!

If you are curious about Rent the Runway and want to give it a try, use my promo code — RTRFAM5705D8E — to get 40% off 2 Months of 8 or 16-Items Plans.

#HeyBeauties: Have you heard of Rent the Runway? Would you sign up for a clothing rental membership? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.


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