Mom-Approved: Eucerin Baby Wash is my secret to treating my son’s heat rash

Eucerin Baby Wash
After bathing my son with Eucerin Baby Wash, his heat rash cleared up significantly by the next day. Photo: Beauty for Breakfast

For anyone who believes that summer ends as soon as Labor Day weekend comes and goes, I’d have to argue that they’re wrong. Fall doesn’t officially begin until late September, and the ongoing hot and humid weather we are still experiencing is further proof.

Another reason why I can’t say goodbye to summer just yet? The heat rashes that randomly pop up across my son’s upper chest after our daily neighborhood walks or a long midday nap.

After confirming with the pediatrician that it was indeed a heat rash, I did some research before settling on Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo. The formula ticked off the important must-haves on my list, including fragrance, dye and soap-free. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic so I could worry less about it making the heat rash worse. And most moms who left online reviews confirmed that it worked for their little ones.

So how did Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo work for JP? I swapped in this product during our usual bathtime routine. It created a nice, soothing lather — nothing over the top — and it did a great job of cleaning up the sweat, dirt and random crayon wax from the day. I noticed that the redness along his chest had reduced significantly. And in spite of the inflammation, his skin felt much softer.

I applied the Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Treatment cream to the area before putting on his PJs — and it even gave him immediate relief from itching. But the next morning, I wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed.

My son’s heat rash was virtually gone. His neck and chest area had healed dramatically overnight, and he was no longer raking his tiny fingernails along his skin to scratch.

I continue to use it to this day as his primary bath wash. It works well with the unscented shea butter that I massage onto his body at nighttime and it keeps skin irritations at bay. If you or your child suffers from heat rashes, I strongly recommend giving Eucerin Baby Wash & Shampoo a try.

Hey Beauties: Are you a parent to a child with frequent heat rash flare-ups? What have you tried that has worked? Tell me more in the comments section!


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